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Cookie Type Name Purpose Expiration Who Provides the Cookie? Opt Out Link
Third Party _utma This cookie is used to determine unique visitors to your site, and it is updated with each page view. Additionally, this cookie is provided with a unique ID that Google Analytics uses to ensure both the validity and accessibility of the cookie as an extra security measure. 2 years Opt Out Here
Third Party _utmb Used to determine new sessions/visits. The cookie is created when the javascript library executes and no existing __utmb cookies exist. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics. 30 minutes Opt Out Here
Third Party _utmc To check approximately how fast people leave: when a visit starts, and approximately ends Session Opt Out Here
Third Party _utmz Records whether the visitor came from a search engine (and if so, the search keyword used 6 months Opt Out Here
Performance cookie _hjIncluded
This cookie is associated with web analytics functionality and services from Hot Jar, a Malta based company. It uniquely identifies a visitor during a single browser session and indicates they are included in an audience sample. Session global
Third Party 1p_JAR These cookies are set via embedded YouTube-videos. They register anonymous statistical data on. 1 month Opt Out Here
Third Party DV Unclassified 1 hour N/A
Third Party CONSENT Used to hold Google account data, should the browser be authenticated with a Google Account 20 years Opt Out Here
Third Party ANID Unclassified 1 year Opt Out Here
Third Party IDE This cookie carries out information about how the end user uses the website and any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting the said website. 1 year doubl
Opt Out Here
Third Party NID It stores the preferences and information of users each time they visit web pages containing a Google service Persistent
Cookie Opt Out Here
Third Party _gcl_au Used by Google AdSense for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services. 3 months Opt Out Here
Third Party _hjid Unclassified 1 year global