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P3 hotels: Utilising Sustaining Enterprise Fund to deepen financial fund and improve cashflow

  With all eyes focused on Brexit, businesses around the country were caught unawares with the onset of Covid-19 earlier this year. But while industries across every sector, both in this country and around the globe, were negatively impacted, some found that their product or service was suddenly very much in demand. This is true […]

Innovating for Recovery: CW Applied Technology

On the first episode in our new series Innovating for Recovery, we are joined by the Managing Director of electronics company CW Applied Technology, John O’Connell. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, CW Applied Technology designed and manufactured a portable Room UV-C Steriliser.  The portable steriliser is designed for virtually any room that needs air […]

Companies of every size, from all sectors, are benefiting from the Sustaining Enterprise Fund

As businesses across Ireland prepare to accelerate their recovery from the impact of Covid-19, Enterprise Ireland has seen a significant increase in demand for the Sustaining Enterprise Fund (SEF) Launched in April of this year specifically to help companies negatively impacted by the pandemic, the SEF offers qualifying businesses funding of up to €800,000 consisting […]

Automotive supply chain and purchasing strategy changes in the Covid era

Simon Schwengle is a partner at KBC (Kemeny Boehme and Company) and an expert in purchasing and supply chain issues with focus on automotive. Project objectives include supply chain/purchasing strategies, preventive supply chain management, cost initiatives, and reactive supply security. in the following interview with Global Ambition Simon talks about the impact of COVID-19 on […]

The African opportunity for Irish firms

There is a tendency among people in Europe and the rest of the Developed World to take a somewhat negative view of Africa. While the continent certainly does have its problems, the fact remains that Africa presents huge opportunities for Irish firms in a variety of sectors, including agritech, life sciences, education, fintech, construction, ICT […]

National Women’s Enterprise Day 2020 a virtual, and real, success

  Covid couldn’t stop Ireland’s most successful female entrepreneurs from stepping up to inspire more National Women’s Enterprise Day 2020, organised by the Local Enterprise Offices, was like no other in that, because of Covid, for the first time in its 14-year history, it took place entirely online. In all other ways, it was exactly […]

Ready for a New World: How Modubuild grew during the Covid-19 crisis 

Never has there been more need for advice, guidance, reassurance and fresh ideas for Irish companies facing the unprecedented challenges that 2020 has brought, which is why the theme for Enterprise Ireland’s International Markets Week (IMW) 2020 was“Ready for a New World”. One of the keynote speakers at this year’s IMW event was Kevin Brennan, […]

c2GRAN: Using Horizon 2020 support to reduce 5g energy consumption

“H2020 offers funding opportunities for projects at every scale and an open call can be easily found relevant to your idea.” Ehsan Elahi, TSSG, Co-ordinator of the C2GRAN Horizon 2020 open call project The European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme has a budget of over €80 billion over seven years (2014–2020) and so […]

Innovation and ambition take centre stage at International Markets Week 2020

  In a major event to mark International Markets Week four Irish companies shared the stories behind their exporting achievements The role played by innovation and ambition in helping companies to internationalise was the theme of “Ready for a New World”, a major virtual conference which marked the launch of Enterprise Ireland’s International Markets Week […]

Life Scientific: Partnerships powering success in a highly-regulated sector

The story of Life Scientific is one of perseverance in a complex industry, ingenious methods to prove a novel concept, and a leader with the utmost respect for the process and the people involved. Nicola Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Life Scientific: a company that develops high-quality, off-patent crop protection products, giving farmers […]

Enterprise Ireland’s top tips for entering the Finnish and Nordic markets

  Finland adds appeal to Irish businesses who want to scale, and develop a presence within their sector overseas. If you are considering doing business in Finland, the ten tips below will help aid you entering the market, as will our Nordics Team – located in both Stockholm & Copenhagen. Finland has an increasingly elderly […]

Enterprise Ireland’s top tips for entering the Australian market

Australia has one of the strongest and most open economies in the world If you are considering doing business in Australia, please explore our top tips to enter the market below and also be sure to reach out to our team in Australia. Australia has one of the strongest, most competitive and open economies in […]