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For SMEs in the marine sector, the world is their oyster

The Marine Ireland Industry Network (MIIN) is made up of companies and key stakeholders across this very broad sector. And coordinator, Liam Curran who is also a Senior Technologist with Enterprise Ireland and specialist in the industry, says despite the current global situation, the future for SMEs in this area is bright as development and […]

ASINA: enabling safe-and sustainable-by-design nanotechnologies

“One of the advantages of being involved in Horizon projects is the breadth of experience one gets by sharing expertise and access to new networks in partner countries.” Dr Ehtsham U. Haq, University of Limerick, ASINA Horizon 2020 project H2020 Case Study: ASINA Nanotechnology impacts nearly every sector of the global economy from electronics to […]

The UK Packaging Sector Webinar – Opportunities and Challenges

Few sectors have been affected greater by the COVID-19 pandemic than the packaging sector. The increased demand on food packaging with the upsurge of people eating at home and companies forced to rethink their packaging as minimalism made way for health and safety, the packaging sector was forced to change quickly to the ‘new normal’. […]

Net Zero UK – UK Local Authorities & the Net Zero Challenge – Webinar

  The UK’s 408 local authorities will play a crucial and defining role in the UK’s net zero challenge with responsibility for: overseeing the adoption of innovative zero carbon technologies investing in climate-resilient urban infrastructure driving energy efficiency through building retrofitting placing a greater emphasis on environmental criteria in procurement policy This Enterprise Ireland UK […]

Net Zero UK – UK Agriculture & the Net Zero Challenge – Webinar

  Enterprise Ireland UK hosted a webinar examining the net zero ambition of the UK agricultural sector and the implications for Irish SMEs working in the industry. Michael Haverty, Partner with The Andersons Centre, delivered a comprehensive briefing and Q&A session, which included: An overview of the UK’s policy drivers for net zero in agriculture, […]

Net Zero UK – The UK Energy Market & the Net Zero Challenge – Webinar

    This webinar explores the major changes both underway and planned as the UK seeks to transition to a fully decarbonised energy system. From the increasing role of renewable energy, to the decarbonisation of the heating and transport sectors, this Enterprise Ireland UK webinar invites experts and industry leaders to understand the timelines, technologies […]

Net Zero UK – Nine key steps towards a net zero construction business – Webinar

The net zero challenge facing the UK will reform the ways in which business is done. This webinar focuses on the construction sector and examines the nine key steps towards a net zero construction business. Industry leaders from the UK and Ireland gave their insights and participated discussed their decarbonisation experiences. Speakers: Isabel McAllister, Responsible […]

Pricing Excellence – Pricing Study 2021 Webinar

This Pricing Study was conducted by Enterprise Ireland in collaboration with Simon-Kucher & Partners. The study recorded nearly 500 responses with strong representation across all sectors demonstrating that the topic remains a high priority for businesses. This webinar presents the results of the survey along with guidance on how to develop and implement a price increase process. […]

Net Zero UK – Why, When and How – Webinar

The net zero challenge facing the UK will reform the ways in which business is done. To help Irish exporters understand how these changes will affect their sector and growth, Enterprise Ireland UK and UK net zero experts hosted the webinar Net Zero UK Overview, Why, When and How?  The webinar examines The major industry […]

Webinar – Opportunities in Human Pharma

Enterprise Ireland has undertaken an extensive study in the Human Pharma space across four markets; France/Belgium/UK/Switzerland. The findings form the basis of our webinar ‘Opportunites in Human Pharma’ which provides an overview of the sector with key insights from industry experts on the the latest trends and opportunities to help inform Irish companies looking to […]