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Organico: Turning online retail into a healthy business during Covid-19

Online trading has become a lifeline for retail businesses that have had to close during the recent Covid-19 lockdowns. Even when things eventually get back to normal, it’s widely predicted that the gains in online business will continue as consumers become accustomed to this way of shopping. Enterprise Ireland’s Online Retail Scheme is designed to […]

Greenes Shoes: Putting their best foot forward in online retail

Fashion online retail is a fiercely competitive area; here, an Irish retailer might find themselves fighting for business alongside stores from all over the world, not to mention giants such as Amazon, ASOS, Shein, Littlewoods and more. But for Greenes Shoes, with seven shops in Letterkenny, Galway and Limerick, an improved online presence meant opening […]

German Healthcare System: Telekom Healthcare Cloud

  The German healthcare market is the largest in Europe offering a wide range of opportunities for Irish medtech and e-health businesses. This Enterprise Ireland webinar discusses the importance of using a reliable cloud provider when providing business services to the German Healthcare System. Watch the webinar to hear insights from Alexander Gerlach,  Telekom Healthcare […]

Middle East Aviation: Ready to soar once again in the post-pandemic future

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit few sectors harder than the aviation industry, with severe restrictions on travel and closed borders resulting in a dramatic decline in passenger volumes globally. Airports around the world have had their resilience tested to the limit as they faced the initial paralysis of the skies, followed by the ongoing waves […]

Germany’s Hospital Future Act

    The German healthcare market is the largest in Europe offering a wide range of opportunities for Irish medtech and e-health businesses. Due to a new law signed this year, the German government is investing €3 billion in digitalising its healthcare system. This Enterprise Ireland webinar examines the opportunities arising from healthcare digitalisation the […]

NIVA – simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy claims process

“Horizon 2020 is an ideal funding stream as it enables cross-border collaboration and ensures that technology developed will be fit for purpose on a pan European basis.” David Hearne, Walton Institute, NIVA Horizon 2020 project H2020 Case Study: NIVA The European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) supports farmers, safeguards agri-food supplies and encourages sustainable management of […]

One Planet. One Health – Danone and GreenPlus

“The health of people and the planet are intertwined.  You can’t have one without the other”, states Mark Stafford, Nature and Sustainability Manager at Danone, Wexford. Danone’s mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible with high quality products contributing to all life stages. This is where sustainability and the […]

Evolve UK Webinar – Pricing

This webinar,  in  conjunction with Simon-Kucher & Partners, examines the most important profit driver; Pricing. It will also discuss how professionally managing pricing can add millions to your bottom line. Chaired by Deirdre McPartlin, Manager of Enterprise Ireland UK, with expert insights from Simon-Kucher & Partners, a leading global consultancy specialising in top-line growth strategies […]

Changing Construction – How GreenStart has Powered Passive Sills

Cork-based company Passive Sills was created with a vision of making changes in the construction industry The company could not be more timely in their mission as together building and construction are said to be responsible for a massive 39% of all carbon emissions in the world right now.  Passive Sills produces thermally efficient building […]

Ground-Breaking BidX1: Building GHG Strategy with GreenStart

Fast-moving digital property company BidX1 is changing the way property is bought and sold, making the process more transparent, efficient and convenient for users. The firm has developed an innovative digital platform, tailored specifically for real estate transactions, and has sold over 10,000 properties to date, raising more than €2bn. This rapidly expanding company, which […]

How digital health companies can navigate and enter the NHS

This Enterprise Ireland webinar examines how to successfully enter and scale digital health solutions in the UK market, drawing from the experience of our panel.   The webinar will outline the key challenges and opportunities for digital health companies entering the NHS from both a supplier and NHS procurement perspective. With expert insights from: –             Sonia Neary, […]

Regulations in the German healthcare sector

The German healthcare market is the largest in Europe offering ample opportunities for Irish medtech and e-health businesses. This webinar is chaired by Enterprise Ireland  Market Advisor Nicol Hoppe and will examine accessing opportunities in the German market the opportunities emerging with digitalisation how to manage budgets and timelines effectively with expert insights from: Christoph […]