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The First Steps to Export Success webinar


If you are considering expanding into international markets, or if you are an early stage exporter, the First Steps to Export Success webinar is for you.


This webinar organised by the Local Enterprise Offices, in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland and Bord Bia, will heighten your awareness of market opportunities and supports available. It will examine challenges to internationalisation and feature case studies drawn from both Local Enterprise Offices and Enterprise Ireland clients.


The event aims to support companies with potential for export or who are at the early stage of exporting and provide information and encouragement to guide your company into market diversification opportunities.


Designed to outline the steps to export success, this session is packed with practical advice, supports and case studies of businesses who are already on the export journey.


The Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney TD will give an opening address at the event, signalling the importance of such an event for early-stage exporters and companies considering exporting.


Participants will gain expert advice on market opportunities and insights from Enterprise Ireland’s Regional Director UK, Nordics, and Global Procurement, Deirdre McPartlin and Anne Lanigan, Regional Director of the Eurozone for Enterprise Ireland.


Bord Bia’s Claudia Saumell, Client Engagement Manager, will speak about how Bord Bia engages with potential food exporters.


While Tracey Tallon of the Local Enterprise Office plus Bernadette Mooney and Naghmeh Reilly of Enterprise Ireland will outline supports available.


Hosted by Richard Curran, presenter of RTÉ’s “The Business”, this is a must attend webinar for anyone planning on developing export markets.



Health and Beauty Webinar

Exporting to the UK: A Guide to Success for Health and Beauty Brands

In this Enterprise Ireland UK webinar, we delved into the topic of successful trading in the health and beauty sector with the UK post Brexit. 

For this session we were joined by Lorcan Sheehan, CEO of PerformanSC Supply Chain, who discussed the following:

  • Trading successfully in a Brexit environment
  • Navigating customs and trade
  • Product labelling changes
  • Responsible person requirements
  • Practical options for meeting compliance requirements


Women Entrepreneurs and Raising Venture Capital Funding – Webinar


Hosted by Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Venture Capital Association, this webinar “Women Entrepreneurs and Raising Venture Capital (VC) Funding” focuses on encouraging women-led companies to seek venture capital finance.

The purpose of this webinar is to support companies in all sectors and at all stages of growth that are seeking venture capital finance. There is a specific focus on encouraging and enabling women entrepreneurs to successfully raise VC finance.

It includes panel discussions with women funders and founders, which identifies and provides examples of successful fundraising strategies.

Recognising the under-representation of women in this space, the webinar is targeted at women-founders and co-founders in all sectors and at all stages of growth.

It provides a roadmap for women founders on their investment journey who wish to develop their investment skills and network with other women funders and founders.

    UK Water Sector: Trends and Opportunities 2022-2025 – Webinar


    In 2020 the UK water sector embarked on AMP 7, its five-year infrastructural spending cycle worth £51 billion. This sum covers a wide array of areas, from decarbonisation to digital, with plenty of opportunities for businesses across the supply chain to get involved in the sector.

    This webinar discusses the trends and opportunities in the sector across the regulator’s five key themes, as well as AMP 8.

    Topics discussed:

    • Environmental Protection

    • Carbon Reduction and Resilience

    • Digital Agenda

    • Customer Service

    • Collaboration and Innovation

    • Value for Money

    • The Future of the Sector and AMP 8

      Construction in the UK: A Guide to Legal Challenges and the UKCA Mark – Webinar


      In this webinar the speakers discuss some of the main legal and regulatory issues currently facing contractors, employers and suppliers in the construction sector across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

      This webinar also discusses the UKCA mark, the new UK product marking that will replace the CE mark on 1 January 2023 in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The UKCA mark will be required for construction products being placed in the market. We will also discuss the process of how to certify your products with the UKCA marking.

      Speakers Include:

      • Jamie Ritchie, Partner, LK Shields

      • Dominic Jones, Partner, Blake Morgan

      • Lisa Boyd, Construction and Procurement Lawyer, Gateley Tweed LLP and Gateley Legal

      • Robin Byrne, Head of UK Office, NSAI Certification UK

        Insights into the Commercialisation of Diagnostice webinar

        Insights to the Commercialisation of Diagnostics

        Enterprise Ireland UK in collaboration with Roche Diagnostics, the world’s largest biotech company and the world leader in in vitro diagnostics, examined the route to commercialisation, market access and economic modelling in this Insights into the Commercialisation of Diagnostics webinar.

        UKCA Marking webinar

        UKCA Marking – Key Steps to ensure your products are compliant

        This webinar outlines the practical steps Irish engineering companies can take to ensure products are compliant with the new UK product marking, UKCA.

        The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is the new UK product marking for goods placed on the market in Great Britain, replacing the EU’s CE marking. This mark will be used to certify that a wide range of products meet safety standards in the UK, covering most products that previously required the CE mark.

        While the UKCA marking came into effect on 1st January 2021, businesses are still able to use CE marking until 1st January 2023 allowing Irish companies exporting to the market to prepare for the new marking.

        Presented by Mike Whiting, Compliance Engineer, Newmac Ltd, topics included:

        • What is the UKCA and how does it differ from CE?

        • Aligning your UKCA and CE compliance roadmap

        • How UKCA effects the supply of second hand equipment in the market?

        • UKCA/CE and Northern Ireland

        Export Compass webinar series

        Export Compass: the first step to export success

        Export Compass webinar series

        The export economy is widely seen as vital to the success of the Irish economy – and even more so now we are looking into a period of recovery after the twin challenges of Brexit and Covid-19. There’s no better time to look at the possibilities afforded by exporting, and the opportunities that are available for ambitious Irish companies.

        Plus, there are more markets that ever before that are actively welcoming innovative and ambitious Irish export partners. The UK market continues to be an important market, while our ongoing commitment to the EU has made trading within the Eurozone easy and accessible. What’s more, Brexit has created more opportunities for Irish companies to increase business within the Eurozone.

        But while it’s clear that now is the time to develop an export strategy, getting started is the most difficult step – and that’s where Enterprise Ireland’s Export Compass series of webinars can help.

        “Exports are critical to the Irish economy,” says Keelin Fagan, Head of Exporter Development at Enterprise Ireland. 

        “As micro, small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the Irish economy, it’s a key focus for us and other agencies such as the Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) to support these types of businesses when thinking about exporting and during their export journey. The Export Compass webinars are a first step for any company even considering exporting.

        “The last 18 months have been extremely challenging for SMEs and micro businesses. The pandemic has resulted in the digital economy completely opening up, and there’s been a dramatic shift in how people buy goods. But this has also created opportunities for businesses that weren’t there before, whether in terms of mindset or in in terms of the market itself. In short, Export Compass is a chance for companies to really explore the possibility of developing an export strategy, and what are the right next steps for them.”

        The series of five webinars cover every aspect of developing an export plan, including research into different markets and opportunities, culture and doing business in other countries, sales and marketing techniques to win export customers in a digital world and financing your export plan through funding and pricing. The final session aims to bring all the information together, with a chance for participants to interact with a panel of experts.


        Essential first steps

        Export Compass is open to any company considering exporting, or perhaps in the very early stages of developing an export plan, as Keelin explains: “The Export Compass webinars aim to show companies the benefits of exporting, as well as where companies can get support in overcoming any potential barriers or challenges, for instance, language or business culture. The purpose of the series is to explain the key facts when it comes to exporting and how to get into the mindset of developing an export plan.

        “Participants will hear from other companies that have started their export journey, or perhaps are even a little further along.”

        “We touch on areas such as market research, the ideal customer from an international point of view, cultural differences in each of the market, and tips and tools to win customers in a competitive digital world. These are the fundamentals of what you need to think about if you want to move forward in developing an export plan.” says Keelin.

        Introduction to supports

        The series features interviews with companies who have successfully exported to a variety of different countries, giving participants a valuable opportunity to learn from other Irish businesses and network with those in similar situations – something that has been hugely missed over the last 18 months.

        A pivotal part of the series is the introduction to the many available supports for Irish companies considering an export strategy. Enterprise Ireland has over 40 international locations, which facilitate access to more than 60 countries worldwide; each of the international offices are there to help Irish companies overcome any obstacles to trading in each country, from facilitating introductions and meetings with potential export partners to researching a chosen sector or overcoming language barriers. The Export Compass series features insights from many of the personnel available to help Irish companies implement an export strategy in their chosen country.

        We also bring in some of the Enterprise Ireland staff from the offices around the world so participants can hear first-hand how they can support client companies as they begin their export journey,” says Keelin. “We want participants to leave the series of webinars with a clear idea of what support is available to help them during their export journey and what next steps they need to take in order to develop their plan.”

        The webinar series is free to all micro & SME companies who are looking to take the first steps on the export journey. Watch the on-demand series here.




        Doing Business in Mexico: Leveraging Fintech Opportunities between Ireland & Mexico


        The Irish Mexican Chamber in collaboration with Enterprise Ireland, and the Irish Embassy in Mexico, is delighted to share with you the recording of the second webinar of the series “Ireland Doing Business in Mexico”, featuring in the inaugural message, the Ambassador Of Ireland to Mexico, H.E. Maeve von Heynitz, and as speakers, José Antonio Quesada, VP of Regulatory Policy, Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores, Guillermo Güemez, CTO, Grupo Financiero Banorte, and Patrick Sheehan, Head of Americas, Fenergo.

        Net Zero UK – The UK Energy Market & the Net Zero Challenge – Webinar



        This webinar explores the major changes both underway and planned as the UK seeks to transition to a fully decarbonised energy system.

        From the increasing role of renewable energy, to the decarbonisation of the heating and transport sectors, this Enterprise Ireland UK webinar invites experts and industry leaders to understand the timelines, technologies and innovation required for the UK energy system to achieve net zero.


        • Andrew Lever, Director of Programmes & Innovation, The Carbon Trust

        • Cian McLeavey Reville, Market Strategy Manager, National Grid ESO

        • Jon Slowe, Founding Director, Delta EE

          Gain key business insights with our on-demand UK webinar series