Closing the Gap: Skills and talent for the Fintech sector

Nov 7th 9.30 am

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Closing the Gap: Skills and talent for the Fintech sector:

In today’s rapidly evolving fintech landscape, staying competitive requires not only cutting-edge technology but also a highly skilled workforce. As the Irish fintech sector continues to answer some of the world’s biggest financial issues with their innovation, the need for talent with the right skill set has never been more critical.

This webinar will explore strategies for skills development and information on further supports you can access.



  • Jonathan Brittain, NCI
  • David Corscadden, IUA (Micro Creds)
  • Donna Noonan, SkillNet Ireland
  • Ruth Cosgrave, MTU


  • John Dunne – Managing Director of Foremost Freight Ltd
  • Ray Ryan – Assistant Principal at Revenue, Irish Tax and Customs
  • Niall McCormack – Founder & Director at Corr Optical
  • Anita Clinton Fitzgerald – Procurement, QMS and Compliance Manager, Mace Promotions

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