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Managing Costs& Supply Chain

Inflation and supply chain disruption continue to increase input and operating costs for Irish businesses, particularly in energy and resource intensive industries.

Enterprise Ireland can help you to better manage these costs and supply chain challenges, with insights and advice on negotiating with suppliers, reducing energy consumption, and addressing logistical challenges. There is also special support available for companies that have been severely affected by the Ukraine crisis.

Exports will drive your business growth. Exporting is a critical element in your business strategy to enable your company to build and scale.

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Ukraine Enterprise Crisis Scheme

Enterprise Ireland is helping Irish businesses to manage the economic impact of the current crisis in Ukraine. The scheme is aimed at businesses experiencing significant difficulty as a result of increased energy costs.

The Ukraine Enterprise Crisis Scheme offers two streams of support to manufacturing and Internationally Traded Services companies






    Sales and Marketing supports

    Enterprise Ireland’s strategic programmes help businesses to develop the sales and marketing skills to enable international growth.

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