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Evolve UK – Guide to Social Value in Procurement

Social Value in UK Public Sector tenders

Social Value can be described as the additional value created in the delivery of a contract to a community, beyond the monetary value of the contract itself. While Social Value has been a feature of UK public procurement over the last decade, it has grown in prominence since introduction of the Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 06/20 in September 2020. This note requires councils to include a weighting of at least 10% to social value in tenders. Therefore, it is necessary for any Irish company dealing with the UK public sector to consider social value and how they can create value in a wider community.

This Enterprise Ireland publication has been developed in collaboration with Steve Oldbury, Founder & Director, to help companies to meet the social value requirements of UK tenders and improve their capability to win business with UK public sector bodies.

This guide includes:

  • The Principles of Social Value

  • Why Social Value is so important to society

  • The importance of Social Value when tendering for work

  • Assessing Social Value and the National TOMs Framework

  • Examples of Social Value Questions

  • Actions required by companies to respond effectively to Social Value




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