Pioneering Smart Futures

Enterprise Ireland seeks to create new innovate training programmes with Irish publicly funded Research Performing Organisations


Enterprise Ireland Innovators’ Initiative: Pioneering Smart Futures training programme (formerly titled Needs Led Training Initiative) will attract high calibre individuals and inter-disciplinary teams who, through their immersion and observation of real needs in their immersive environment and the use of a design methodology, will be supported to generate new product and process ideas, new IP and in some cases, the creation of high-potential-start-ups (HPSUs).


Innovators’ Initiative programmes will be hosted in Irish publicly funded Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) or within consortia of Irish RPOs. These training programmes will create cohorts of highly skilled innovators who can observe and identify unmet market needs within specific sectors of growth in Ireland. 


Innovators’ Initiative programme will build on existing international and national best practice connecting on multiple levels with the industry sector clusters in the Northern and Western Region and Southern and the Eastern and Midland Regions.

Successful Fellows on the BioInnovate Programme

To find out more on Brendan’s and Sinead’s journey on the programme watch the The Innovator’s Initiative webinar, which you can find above.

High Potential Start-Ups Created by BioInnnovate Fellows

See below the High Potential Start Ups created to date by BioInnovate Fellows, after their training, and subsequent Commercialisation Funding:

Who can apply? 


The Initiative is open to publicly funded RPOs based in the Republic of Ireland.

Ineligible applicants: Individual companies, clusters of companies or sectoral representative bodies cannot apply directly for funding nor are they eligible for direct funding via the programme budget

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This programme will be co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union under the ERDF Southern, Eastern and Midland Regional Programme 2021-27 and the ERDF Northern and Western Regional Programme 2021-27.