Key questions to ask at your Japanese Market Advisor meeting

Japan is an affluent, vibrant economy with opportunities for Irish businesses across a range of sectors.

If you are considering doing business in Japan, your first step should be a call with our team in Tokyo.

    The questions below were designed to help Irish businesses get the best out of their first Market Advisor call

    • What is the business environment like in Japan?
    • Where can I conduct research on the niche I am operating in?
    • What are the experiences of other Irish companies exporting to Japan?
    • What is the typical route to market?
    • Will I need a local partner company?
    • What kind of obstacles should I expect when entering this market?
    • What local competitors are active in this market?
    • What taxes or costs of entry should I be aware of?
    • What is the regulatory environment like for my offering?

    Set up a call with our team in Japan today 


    Enterprise Ireland’s top tips for entering the Japanese market can be viewed by clicking the graphic below.

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