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Key questions to ask at your South Korean Market Advisor meeting

South Korea is a large, vibrant economy with a myriad of opportunities for Irish firms.

If you are considering doing business in South Korea, your first step should be a call with our team in Seoul.

    The questions below were designed to help Irish businesses get the best out of their first Market Advisor call

    • Are there any local regulatory requirements I should be aware of for our goods or services to enter your market?
    • Would my goods/services’ USP still be relevant in your market as in Ireland/other markets?
    • If we were to work with local partners, would they usually require exclusivity from us given the business norm in your market?
    • What would be the timeline, given your experience, of identifying local partners?
    • Should I expect to commit myself to travel to your region to meet with prospective partners/customers in person?

    Set up a call with our team in South Korea today  and also be sure to download our Going Global Guide

    Enterprise Ireland’s top tips for entering the South Korean market can be viewed by clicking the graphic below.

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