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Mexican Market Insights

Mexico is formed by 32 states and is the second largest country in Latin America, after Brazil, in terms of population and economy. Mexico ranks currently as the 15th largest economy in the world according to the World Bank and in the 2020 World Bank Ease of Doing Business study, it is ranked at 60 (which is the highest-ranked Latin American country). Mexico forms part of the OECD, G-20 group and G-5 group.

Doing Business in Mexico: Market Insights

Market Overview

Mexico is formed by 32 states and is the second largest country in Latin America, after Brazil, in terms of population and economy. Due to its free trade agreements and its privileged location with harbours on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, a border spanning over 3,100 km with the largest economy in the world and close proximity to the rest of Latin America, Mexico has developed into an important manufacturing platform for the world. Mexican manufacturing plants are modern and large scale, requiring new and innovative production technologies, which are mainly imported.

129.2m Population

GDP per capita 2021 $20,703

€101.68m Enterprise Ireland client exports (2021)

Key Market Sectors

Enterprise Ireland is playing a key role in supporting ambitious companies seeking opportunities to export to Mexico. There is market potential for competitive suppliers in various sectors such as cleantech, ICT, healthcare, retail, construction, logistics, machinery, oil & gas, offshore, forest, pulp and paper, automotive, agri industry, aerospace, mining, security and defence.

Read more on Mexico’s sectoral successes in our Going Global Guide.

  • Mexico is currently the world’s 15th largest economy
  • Enterprise Ireland supported companies exports exceeded €101.68m in 2021

Before You Go

Before you go, we recommend you invest some time in researching the terrain before you explore the Mexican market. Here’s a few starting points to consider…

  1. Market Landscape
  2. Market Trends
  3. Target Market
  4. Market Segmentation
  5. Market Competition
  6. Market Research Resources

Enterprise Ireland’s Market Research Centre offers client companies access to market intelligence in the form of company, sector, market, and country information to explore opportunities and compete in international markets. Additionally, we suggest visiting the DataMéxico website for market insights (DataMéxico | Data México (, as well as the Webinars and Market Study Reports provided on this page.

Helping You Succeed

We are committed to helping you succeed in global markets and have an immense wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Mexican market.

Enterprise Ireland assists clients entering new markets with pre-visit support, in-market support, international trade events, additional supports, and access to mentors.

Our Market Advisors are always available to support you and provide business expertise and on-the-ground knowledge.

Irish Mexican Chamber

The Irish Mexican Chamber is an initiative which works to foster closer economic ties between Ireland and Mexico, promote strong business links between Irish and Mexican business communities and support small, medium and large Irish enterprises to consider Mexico as a business destination and vice versa. The Chamber has its origins in the IECM (Irish European Chamber of Commerce in Mexico), established in 1991 by a small group of Irish and Mexican business people who actively promoted trade and investment between the two nations.

Over thirty years on, the Irish Mexican Chamber aims to build on the success of the IECM through the following activities:

  • Connecting and building a network of respected business professionals and leaders with Irish Mexican interests
  • Promoting Ireland in Mexico for trade and investment opportunities
  • Supporting the early steps for Irish companies setting up in Mexico

Enterprise Ireland is a proud current and active member of the Irish Mexican Chamber.


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