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Needs Led
Training Initiative

Enterprise Ireland seeks to create new training programmes in needs led innovation at Irish, publicly funded Research Performing Organisations

Enterprise Ireland is creating a Needs Led Training Initiative (NLTI) which aims to develop series of training programmes, hosted in Irish publicly funded Research Performing Organisations (RPOs). The training programmes will develop highly qualified individuals (Fellows) with the necessary skillset to observe and identify opportunities in a specific sector, validate the unmet need and enable them to take an opportunity from concept to launch.
Upon completion of the NLTI, project teams can access further funding and training through the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund, which may then lead to the formation of a High Potential Start Up (HPSU) or become a HPSU directly after the programme.
This new national initiative will build on existing national and international best practice NLTI programmes, as currently exemplified by the Bioinnovate Ireland programme hosted by the National University of Ireland at Galway (NUIG).


Expression of Interest - Call now closed

The call for expression of interests (EOI) represents the Enterprise Irelands desire to understand which immersive areas, sectors, and collaborations the RPOs are considering. The EOI call does not represent any financial commitment for funding future programmes.


Enterprise Ireland seeks expression of interest (EOIs) are now being sought from Irish publicly funded RPOs to understand the following elements of their future applications: the sector of application, the intended immersive environment, planned collaborators and the current capabilities of the RPO in the proposed domain area. This in turn should minimise duplication, identify gaps and thereby de-risk and enhance the quality of future applications when the call is launched. If an RPO is proposing more than one domain/sector an EOI should be submitted per domain/sector.

The call for EOIs does not represent a call for proposals and is treated by Enterprise Ireland as for information purposes only. As part of the EOI process the domain/sector area of interest may be shared with other RPOs to create potential synergies and to improve the potential success of applications.  Sharing will be limited to the proposed domain/sector only.

If an eligible RPO does not submit an EOI, they will still be permitted to apply for any future call that might be funded. However, they will have forgone the opportunity to incorporate feedback from the EOI process.

The call for Needs Led Training initiative Expressions of Interest is now closed. The call was launched on the 19th October 2022 and eligible RPOs were required to submit a response by 11th November 2022.

Further information on the proposed Initiative can been found in the EOI call document and our FAQs.

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Successful Fellows on the BioInnovate Programme

Brendan Boland

Brendan Boland

Sinead Buckley

Sinead Buckley

Brendan Boland participated in the pilot of the BioInnovate programme, BioInnovate Ireland – Innovative Medical Device Training – during his medical career. Due to his success on the programme and knowledge obtained he became the CEO and Co-founder of Loci Orthopaedics Ltd.

Sinead Buckley, with a strong background in engineering participated in the BioInnovate pilot programme, BioInnovate Ireland – Innovative Medical Device Training. The programme let her pursue the career further and she has become a founder and co-inventor at NightLeaf who have developed a novel medical device in Ophthamology.


To find out more on Brendan’s and Sinead’s journey on the programme watch the Needs Led Training Initiative webinar, which you can find above.

High Potential Start-Ups Created by BioInnnovate Fellows

See below the High Potential Start Ups created to date by BioInnovate Fellows, after their training, and subsequent Commercialisation Funding:


Who can apply? 

This Programme is open to publicly funded RPOs based in the Republic of Ireland.

Ineligible applicants:  Individual companies, clusters of companies or sectoral representative bodies cannot apply directly for funding nor are they eligible for direct funding via the programme budget.

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