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The Level Project

Accelerate Equality. Accelerate Success.

Watch back: On Demand Webinar

The Level Project:

Accelerate Equality. Accelerate Success.

Learn how enhancing the gender balance of your senior team can help build strong leadership, attract talent and improve performance.

Listen back to this webinar ‘The Level Project’ for advice on assessing your needs and addressing gender balance in your business.

Hear the insights from four Irish business leaders on how they are implementing strategies to improve the gender mix of their leadership teams.

This webinar discussed:

  • Why Irish CEOs believe gender-balanced leadership is critical to success
  • How Irish business leaders are implementing strategies to improve gender mix of their senior teams
  • How Enterprise Ireland’s new Level Project action planning toolkit can help you achieve a better gender balance.

Who should view this on demand webinar?
This on demand webinar is suitable for Enterprise Ireland client companies and all businesses interested in improved performance and success.


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  • John Dunne – Managing Director of Foremost Freight Ltd
  • Ray Ryan – Assistant Principal at Revenue, Irish Tax and Customs
  • Niall McCormack – Founder & Director at Corr Optical
  • Anita Clinton Fitzgerald – Procurement, QMS and Compliance Manager, Mace Promotions

On Demand Webinar

Watch this on demand webinar hosted by Sheelagh Daly, Entrepreneurship Manager from Enterprise Ireland

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