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How the CSF supported PeachyLean’s growth

“The Competitive Start Fund enabled PeachyLean to make a significant hire and provided the strategy required to support our growth into new markets.

Sharon Keegan, Founder and CEO PeachyLean 

1. Describe your business

PeachyLean is an award-winning shapewear and active wear business instilling support, shape and confidence to women all around the world.


2. How did getting the Competitive Start Fund (CSF) progress your business?

CSF enabled me to make a significant hire within the Peachylean team as well as providing us with the mentoring and support, both from Enterprise Ireland and Innovate Dublin BIC, which has given our team the confidence and strategy for growth and scale into new markets.


3. What are your top tips to other businesses interested in applying for the CSF?

  • Take your time and use the application process to take a good look at your strategy for scale.
  • Research the cost implications around your plan and ask for advice from any previous CSF candidates.
  • Take feedback on applications as great advice and understand that if you’re not successful first time around there is always room for growth and progression.
  • Believe in yourself and keep going!


4. What are the next steps for PeachyLean?

This year we launch our new innovation in shapewear, working alongside our new distribution partners we will launch into the UK market. We continue to meet and work towards strategic partners in the US and South American Markets.


Visit this page to learn more about the Competitive Start Fund.


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