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People, Culture & Retention - Essential for your Scale Up

May 24th 10am

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People, Culture & Retention - Essential for your Scale Up:

This webinar will focus on the impact of the management team on growth and the bottom line.

Attendees will learn the importance of creating a proactive culture, and maximising people’s performance to deliver the best results for your business. The discussion will highlight common problems in SME executive teams and how to manage internal conflict, and instruct management on how to nurture and formulate a strong team cohesion in order to drive their internal and external company growth.



Tom Early, Head of Funding and Scaling Solutions, Enterprise Ireland

*Speakers to be announced



  • John Dunne – Managing Director of Foremost Freight Ltd
  • Ray Ryan – Assistant Principal at Revenue, Irish Tax and Customs
  • Niall McCormack – Founder & Director at Corr Optical
  • Anita Clinton Fitzgerald – Procurement, QMS and Compliance Manager, Mace Promotions

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