Managing People, Driving Performance

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Managing People, Driving Performance:

As companies continue to operate in a constantly changing business environment due to Covid-19, they need to better understand how they can best adapt in order to continue to drive performance.

Performance management, in the context of the disruption brought on by the pandemic, requires a thoughtful adjustment of beliefs and practices to ensure that they continue to support employees to deliver superior performance in the new work environment.

This webinar replay explores the changes underway in performance management thinking and practice, especially considering the current uncertainty in the business landscape. It provides practical and informative advice for business leaders, managers, employees, and HR to build awareness and understanding, and provides ‘how to’ guidance to enable companies to make the necessary changes.

This webinar replay discusses:

  • How Covid-19 has impacted on the management of employee performance
  • What the building blocks of good performance management practice are
  • How you can embed a performance culture in your company

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  • John Dunne – Managing Director of Foremost Freight Ltd
  • Ray Ryan – Assistant Principal at Revenue, Irish Tax and Customs
  • Niall McCormack – Founder & Director at Corr Optical
  • Anita Clinton Fitzgerald – Procurement, QMS and Compliance Manager, Mace Promotions

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