The Future of Digital Transformation in US Dairy – webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic, price volatility, and the drive towards sustainability in dairy farming means that farmers, processers, and haulers now have different needs and challenges. In a time when digital solutions are in increasing demand in the US dairy sector, innovative Irish companies have proven that they have the answers.

Building on our strong reputation in dairy, Irish companies have developed products that are trusted by a wide range of end users in the US, from individual farms and haulers to large multinationals like Danone North America and Agrimark. Digital innovation has played a central role, as the US dairy industry seeks to modernise and automate, smoothing out processing inefficiencies and safety concerns. In leveraging digital, Irish companies can win in the space, by delivering scalable solutions that offer improvements across the entire value chain.

One example is Piper Systems, which recently won FDA approval for their Dynastream product – the only system approved by the NCWM authority as a legal for-payment device across the USA. Piper’s ability to deliver accurate weights and temperatures, fully representative samples, and real time product data and traceability results in a streamlined milk collection process, making it safer, easier, and more efficient.

Click below for a discussion on the US Dairy sector and its increased need for digital solutions with insights from:

  • Robert Troy TD, Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation
  • Director of Milk Quality for Danone North America, Jennifer Walker DVM, Ph.D.
  • Leigh Hamilton, CEO of Piper Systems

Our webinar reflects on:

  • Opportunities and priorities for Irish companies entering the US agri/dairy sector
  • Trends and macro issues affecting US dairy
  • Importance of traceability in supply chains
  • US Demand for increased technology solutions in food safety and the impact of this along the entire value chain

For key discussion points see the below timings:


1:05 : Introduction from Minister Troy

13:40: How has the US Dairy sector has changed in recent years?

16:55: Dr. Walker on how digitisation has transformed ‘troubleshooting’ on-farm issues

19:25: What makes the milk collection process a great fit for digitisation?

23:30: What is more important to US customers – improving milk quality or process efficiency?

27:10: Digitising the dairy value chain and the importance of traceability to build consumer trust

34:00: The rise of automation and future data applications in Dairytech

37:50: How better data will change dairy forecasting and logistics

40:45: The importance of sustainability in dairy – how to ‘make sure consumers feel good about choosing dairy’

43:50: How industry will act as a catalyst for positive change in dairy

46:30: Q&A – How should Irish companies approach US dairy companies?

49:00: Q&A – What is holding back the adoption of technology in US dairy?

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