Key questions to ask at your Canadian Market Advisor meeting

Canada is an affluent, high-tech industrial society with a market-oriented economy, low inflation and high living standards and has recently strengthened its close trading relationship with Ireland.

If you are considering doing business in Canada, your first step should be a call with our team in Toronto.

    The questions below were designed to help Irish businesses get the best out of their first Market Advisor call

    • What should I be aware of as I start to think about exporting to Canada?
    • Do I need to localise my products or services for Canada in any way?
    • Are there any differences between Canada and the USA market?
    • Is there a trade deal or are there any trading barriers I should be aware of?
    • Do I need a local presence and is it easy to establish one?

    Set up a call with our team in Toronto today and also check out our Going Global Guide.


    Enterprise Ireland’s top tips for entering the Canadian market can be viewed by clicking the graphic below.

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