Key questions to ask at your Chinese Market Advisor meeting

China is one of the most diverse and exciting countries to do business in the world today and the opportunities for Irish enterprises in the region are ever on the increase.

To help you prepare for your Market Advisor meeting, take a look at our suggestions of questions below.

    • Is there a market for my product in China?
    • If I can sell my products in Europe, can I automatically sell them in China?
    • What level of competition will I be faced with in China?
    • What cities should I be targeting?
    • Outline the possible legal structures in China?
    • Should I visit China to meet potential partners and clients?
    • What distribution channels are utilised in China?
    • How can I protect my intellectual property in China?
    • how much should I expect to invest upfront?
    • What taxes, charges or hidden costs should I be aware of?
    • How do I perform preliminary due diligence in China?
    • How do I find the legal/technical requirements for my product?

    Our Market Advisors are always available to support you and provide business expertise and on-the-ground knowledge.

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