Key questions to ask at your Indian Market Advisor meeting

Enterprise Ireland is playing a key role in supporting ambitious Irish companies seeking opportunities in a range of sectors within India.

If you are considering doing business in India, your first step should be a call with our team in New Delhi.

    The questions below were designed to help Irish businesses get the best out of their first Market Advisor call.

    Our regional Market Advisors work closely with clients to win business in India. Some of the key activities include gathering market intelligence, partner search, introductions to industry influences, pathfinders and third-party service providers, as well as PR and media engagements, organising high-level networking events and facilitating meetings with potential buyers.  

        • What is the size of the market?
        • Who are the leading players/competitors and what is their market share?
        • How does the supply chain/distributions/procurement process of the product/service work in India?
        • What are the leading market trends and consumer behaviour in the sector?
        • Are there any legal requirements for selling the product/service in India? Or any accreditation required from the government bodies?
        • Do I need a local partner?
        • If yes, what is the process of finding a trusted suitable partner in the industry?
        • Do I need to hire local staff?
        • Do I need to make any modifications or changes to the product or service to better suit the Indian market?
        • What are some of the major events/trade shows to attend in the market?
        • Do I need to set up an office in the region? If yes, what is the preferred structure?
        • What is the awareness of Ireland in the region?
        • What kind of obstacles should I expect when entering this market?
        • What taxes, charges or hidden costs should I be aware of?
        • Are there any social/political instabilities in this region that could affect my business here?
        • Are there any environmental instabilities in this region that could affect my business here?
        • What social norms should I be cognizant of when engaging in meetings with local people?

    Set up a call with our Indian team today  and be sure to check out our Going Global Guide 

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