Storyworlds Podcast #1 – Teelings Whiskey


In a new podcast series, Storyworlds explores the inner life of Irish food and beverage as it goes global.

In our first episode, storyteller James McCabe talks to whiskey innovator and lifelong entrepreneur John Teeling, founder of the Coolea Distillery, the Kilbeggan Distillery and the Great Northern Distillery, about the tribulations and triumphs of restarting Irish whiskey as a truly global enterprise.

Practically single-handedly, John strove successfully over decades to restart the global success of a diverse whiskey industry – after the early world lead had been lost to sluggish innovation uptake and the Scottish contingent.

John and James dive deep into the backstory of a unique world beverage and, in the process, discuss enterprise in crisis times and how Ireland might not only host the world economy, but help it reinvent itself.

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