Support for Health Care Innovation in the UK

This document is a simple comprehensive reference guide to the complex world of Government and Institutional support for health care innovation in the UK. It is not an analytical document but rather a descriptive one describing the role and support available from each institution and programme. It also provides extensive links to these organisations’  websites which give further detail on how to apply for support, as well as case studies on companies they have supported. In each section, the programme’s relevance to innovators has been highlighted. The healthcare innovation support environment is dynamic, with Government prone to introducing new initiatives every eighteen months or so, whilst rarely curtailing existing schemes. Consequently, over time a wide range of institutions and programs evolve.

The document can be read in conjunction with a workshop, which was delivered in November 2022, which took a more analytical view on the issues confronting the NHS, the structural changes currently occurring in health care provision and the engagement and procurement challenges for innovators in winning adoption and diffusion in the UK’s National Health Service. The documentation from this workshop can be requested by getting in touch with our UK team here.


Read the report here.

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