The UK Packaging Sector Webinar – Opportunities and Challenges

Few sectors have been affected greater by the COVID-19 pandemic than the packaging sector. The increased demand on food packaging with the upsurge of people eating at home and companies forced to rethink their packaging as minimalism made way for health and safety, the packaging sector was forced to change quickly to the ‘new normal’.

Now as a post-pandemic world looks somewhat in sight, it’s time to reassess the UK market and re-evaluate how Irish packaging suppliers can take advantage of the £11 billion UK packaging sector.

In this webinar, Andrew Finch, UK Packaging Consultant examines the UK packaging sector and discusses:

  • State of the UK market post-COVID-19 and post-Brexit

  • Opportunities for Irish packaging providers in the market

  • Latest demands from UK multiples and key industry stakeholders

  • Sustainability outlook in the UK

  • How to best engage UK packaging buyers

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