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Protecting remote workforces: Tips from five notable Irish cybersecurity firms

One of the most immediate consequences of Covid-19 has been the rapid global shift towards working from home where possible During these uncertain times, Irish cybersecurity companies can offer innovative solutions to the challenge of managing a remote workforce. Many are free or open to all, including: CWSI’s Secure Remote Working Hub Cyber Risk Aware’s […]

Market Watch – A view from Canada

Key Takeaways • The public health response to Covid-19 in Canada was well informed by previously having dealt with the challenges caused by an outbreak of SARS in the early 2000s. • There were some challenges, and the Canadian government has been swift and efficient in offering support to businesses and citizens across the country. […]

Market Watch – Nordics

“The Nordics is renowned for being one of the most progressive, open, and innovative regions in the world. Made up of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, it has not traditionally been the first choice for Irish exporters, but nonetheless the region presents opportunity for companies looking to expand their business internationally. Over the last […]

Market Watch – Australia and New Zealand

Overview •  Australia and New Zealand have amongst the lowest cases of Covid-19 in the world •  There have been some second wave cases and local lockdowns •  Most businesses still working remotely where possible •  Australia is experiencing its first recession in three decades and the New Zealand economy has also been affected, but […]

Market Watch – South East Asia

Overview • Many countries in South East Asia have made a successful return to business • Travel restrictions had posed problems for businesses selling into the region, but goods are moving again. • Critical supply chain companies are ramping up production and capacity to meet increasing demand • Opportunities are continuing to arise, particularly in […]

Covid-19: Returning to the workplace safely

In four short months, the world of work has changed dramatically thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us experienced remote working, changed working conditions, altered hours or even layoffs. But now, as the economy slowly reopens according to the Government’s phased roadmap, employers and employees are slowly returning to the workplace, albeit a very […]

Market Watch – Middle East

Overview MENA is beginning to open up after a very strict lockdown. Irish companies need to be aware of market differences in the region. There is scope for movement in the health and safety, education and healthcare industry. Communication and innovation is the key to success. Covid-19 has most certainly changed the world as we […]

Storyworlds Podcast #1 – Teelings Whiskey

In a new podcast series, Storyworlds explores the inner life of Irish food and beverage as it goes global. In our first episode, storyteller James McCabe talks to whiskey innovator and lifelong entrepreneur John Teeling, founder of the Coolea Distillery, the Kilbeggan Distillery and the Great Northern Distillery, about the tribulations and triumphs of restarting […]

Market Watch – Benelux

  Overview The BeNeLux countries (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) are working hard to return to normal business practise. Health and safety remain a prime concern so remote working and virtual meetings will continue to be in place for some time to come. Continued communication with clients is vital. Opportunities are available in the biopharma, digital […]

Market Watch – Italy

Overview Italy was severely impacted by Covid-19 and had no protocol to follow as it was the first to experience a total lockdown. It has started to recover and has begun to open up its borders Construction sites are open and medical device companies are in production mode. Opportunities are also available in the health, […]

Market Watch – A view from Europe

Key Takeaways Business in Europe has been severely impacted by Covid-19, but many countries are now beginning to re-open and are determined to get industry and business moving again Movement of products is improving while movement of people is still a challenge. Opportunities are likely to emerge for example in digitisation across industries; or in […]

Irish software firm mAdme helping mobile giants through Covid-19 crisis

The seismic fall-out from Covid-19 has created an unprecedented demand for Irish innovation, with our tech sector stepping up to aid the recovery of industries including health, travel and communications. As mobile operators provide customers with Covid-related updates – typically struggling to get beyond an engagement rate of 1-2% via standard SMS and push notifications […]